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The Importance of a Landfill Survey

Landfills raise some major concerns in today’s modern society. These issues include public health, environment, political and local economics. This is why effective landfill management is essential. A landfill survey is what you need.

Here is the information that we can get from landfill surveys:

  • Mapping leachate level within landfills
  • Locating landfill boundaries
  • Characterizing variations in waste composition
  • Mapping “dry” and “wet” zones for leachate control
  • Investigating cap integrity
  • Geological characterization for new cell design
  • Leachate plume mapping
  • Locating voids or poorly compacted zones
  • Landfill HDPE Liner testing

Surveying Consultants understands the landfill environment and we have the expertise required to survey safely and effectively the hazardous working environments presented by quarries and landfill sites.

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Types of Landfill Surveys

Periodic volumetric surveys of landfill sites may be required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These surveys provide them with information such as the rate at which available landfill capacity is being consumed.

Initial (baseline) survey

The EPA assigns a specific date for waste disposal facilities (i.e. EPA-licensed landfills) or existing EPA-licensed landfills.

This survey is referred to as the baseline survey. It establishes the total design capacity of the facility and sets the benchmark against which all other surveys will be compared.

Routine (volumetric) survey

The regular survey period for occupiers is June and December. Unless the EPA agrees to an alternate time frame, they are required to have a volumetric survey done.

The EPA may also direct an occupier, by notice in writing, to undertake a volumetric survey at any time. For example, the occupier may be directed to undertake a volumetric survey before placing the waste in a newly constructed cell.

Before you even begin, we can help with your initial, pre-design cost/benefit analysis using general industry guidelines by providing:

  • Potential whole-of-life airspace
  • Approximate landfill lining volumes & areas
  • Estimated initial bulk earthworks requirements
  • Approximate landfill capping volumes & areas

Our team is focused on making the day-to-day running of your landfill site more efficient by providing the following:

  • Regular aerial flyovers
  • Topographic, construction, engineering, volumetric & cadastral surveys
  • Asset recording (i.e. boreholes, sump levels, existing services, etc.)
  • Cut/fill pegs

Landfill Surveying by Surveying Consultants

Surveying Consultants uses the most up to date and high standard surveying equipment available for any given task.

We have a group of highly competent land surveyors throughout Hilton Head, Bluffton, and the greater Beaufort areas of South Carolina as well as Savannah, Georgia to complete landfill surveys according to your needs.

To discuss landfills and other services that you might benefit from, visit us at 17 Sherington Dr # C, Bluffton, SC 29910. You can also call us up to speak to one of our experienced professionals.

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