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The Use of GPS to Enhance Accuracy

Surveying Consultants Admin - Saturday, March 01, 2014

A task that once took weeks for an entire team of surveyors to complete can now be done within days, thanks to the constantly progressing technology of Global Positioning Systems. Surveying Consultants has been immersed in the industry for over 30 years, and have witnessed this technology evolve from its infancy. Because of our years of familiarity with GPS, we have managed to establish a new precedent for surveying accuracy and productivity.

In this day and age, GPS clearly has many far-reaching applications. However, it is especially useful and relevant to the surveying industry. In the days of this company's origin, we became proficient with conventional surveying techniques. However, all of these methods were generally limited to the vantages available to the human eye. When land was surveyed, it was done by hiking hilltops and mountainsides. Today, a fraction of the labor and equipment is used, which means better prices and turnaround times for our clients.

These days, we are able to utilize technology in order to gain accurate data about the tops of mountains and the bottoms of rivers – from narrow neighborhood streets to gaping fields, GPS allows us to get you the data you need in a short amount of time, so that you can get the most out of your project as quickly as possible. The data we obtain can be applied to tangible maps for you to peruse, or, more commonly, placed in Geographical Information Systems (GIS): a digital representation of the area of focus.

Being that our company resides near a beautiful coast, many of our clients find themselves in need of waterway surveys. If the job calls for it, we have no problem getting our feet wet. However, this is mostly unnecessary, thanks to GPS. Whether you're looking to build a bridge for your town, or a deck for your backyard, we are able to provide you with incredible accuracy.

From miles and miles away, the Global Positioning Systems we utilize are able to provide information down to the centimeter. Furthermore, everything is done wirelessly, which means there is no location too outlandish.

Surveying Consultants is proud to be making use of the latest technologies. They are always changing and evolving, and we guarantee that we will always stay on cutting edge, so as to provide our clients with enhanced accuracy and productivity. The finest details, presented in real time. No matter the job, we here at Surveying Consultants are eager to get you the information you need.

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