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Surveying Consultants Admin - Sunday, December 01, 2013

Whether you're planning on purchasing some new real estate, or thinking of developing on the property you already own, completing a Residential Survey is an essential, and altogether responsible part of owning land. One may complete a Residential Survey for a number of reasons, but ultimately, the process serves to educate you about your property, update and establish a record, and equip you with all of the necessary knowledge and documentation you might need.

Here at Surveying Consultants, we complete our Residential Surveys carefully and thoroughly. Before bringing our equipment to any property, our job begins with vigorous research, and poring over any relevant documents for the land. This can include title certificates, deeds, past surveys, and / or easements. This part of the process helps us to become fully aware of the property's developmental history, so that the actual on-site measuring takes less time, and is more accurate.

Once the research is done, we take to the land to precisely establish the reach of your territorial ownership. Using either GPS, or electronic measuring equipment, in conjunction with a thorough knowledge of the property's history, we can pinpoint the breadth of the estate. We use subtle physical landmarks to identify the edges of the property, ensuring continuity throughout potential future developments. Finally, it is at this point where we can also determine whether the measurements interfere with adjoining properties, or other boundaries recorded in past surveys.

Many people find themselves with a handful of unexpected legal troubles when preparing to make adjustments to their home. It's critical to complete a Residential Survey before installing fences, putting in pools, or any other permanent modifications to prevent yourself from over-stepping your boundaries.

Land surveying is an important part of purchasing any property or real estate. It's a step that is frequently forgotten about, but is essential before securing land. A residential survey helps you to know that you are receiving the entirety of what you are paying for, and can also help you to assess which physical landmarks are within the reach of your property, such as trees and sidewalks. An initial residential survey is also crucial if you are planning to build on the land, or develop the property by assessing the risks of your respective climate.

With many years of experience in the industry, the professionals here at Surveying Consultants are ready to help you understand your property, down to the most minute details. Our process is ultimately thorough, yet simple for you. Please Call or Contact Us today to learn more about the benefits of Residential Surveying.

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