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Land Surveying – Types and Uses

Surveying Consultants Admin - Friday, November 07, 2014

Here at Surveying Consultants, we are proud of the wide spectrum of services we offer. Utilizing all of the many fantastic tools and technologies available today, we are able to extend the reach of our service to nearly every facet of surveying. Because this resource is so widely-applicable in today's world, many are left in confusion as to the particulars of surveying, and worse, the many advantages it provides. Today, we'd like to present you with some of the common solutions we offer.


This survey benefits both homeowners and title insurers. Title insurers have specific needs relating to title insurance matters, and land surveyors can often help bridge the gap between them and those seeking insurance. Essentially, the ALTA/ACSM survey is a combination of boundary, title, and location surveys.

Essentially, this survey is a precise graphical representation of the territory, and notes all of the improvements made to the property and the utilities. It also provides thorough information on easements, encumbrances, rights-of-way, and many other key adjustments that may have taken place. Although this type of survey is useful for all properties, including residential estates, it is primarily effective for commercial properties.

In the end, an ALTA/ACSM survey ultimately details the surveyor's findings, as they relate to the information found in the title. Many insurers will demand that you complete this survey before seeking insurance, so it's a good idea to put it high up on the to-do list as you attempt to get your property squared away.

Land Surveys

Much of the essence of a land survey is also found in the ALTA/ACSM survey. Much of the how and why is similar, but these types of surveys tend to primarily benefit homeowners. In much the same way, a land survey seeks to specifically detail and outline, with the use of written documents as well as visual representations of land, exactly what belongs to the owner.

Land surveys are essential when first buying a home, as it informs you of the exact reach of your ownership. It will become additionally helpful whenever you are thinking of making improvements or additions to your home. If you are thinking of building a fence or a deck, a survey can come in handy in avoiding encroachment disputes with neighbors.

A land survey will usually also outline any zoning or coding restrictions that may be enforced in your area, which is also good to know about when making improvements. Completing a land survey is an extremely responsible step to take on the path to home-ownership, and one that is truly easy and hassle-free.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys make use of some great aerial technologies, including GPS. This type of survey has far-reaching applications, and can truly benefit a number of different industries and local governments. The ultimate purpose of a topographic survey is to determine specific points and places on the earth's surface by measuring horizontal distances and differences in elevation.

With this information, a base map can be created, upon which one might begin designing residences, buildings, roads, or fire control routes. Whether you're an engineer, architect, forester, or geologist, having a surveyor who knows their way around the complex math and technology of this type of survey can save a lot of time and headache.

Zoning Reports

Most real property transactions require a Zoning Report along with the battery of other essential services (Phase I ESA, Property Condition Assessment, ALTA Survey, etc.). Depending on who you ask, zoning reports can be a hassle to get a hold of. Oftentimes, they are expensive, and require long turnaround times to complete. Our Zoning Reports are conducted by our in-house zoning department – they are always completed within 3 weeks, and at very competitive rates.

For more information on the many surveying solutions we offer, we invite you to peruse our blog, and take a look around our website. We also invite you to contact us directly with any questions or ideas you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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