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Dock & Bulkhead Permit

Surveying Consultants Admin - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

If you are planning on embarking on the adventure of designing and/or installing a dock or bulkhead onto your property, we encourage you, and we want to help you avoid snags along the way. When it comes to building in or near water, it's possible that you may be in need of more local, state, or even federal permits than you may realize. Luckily, Surveying Consultants is at your side to help you quickly determine exactly which permits you'll need, and how best to obtain them. Furthermore, we can coach you along the way to ensure that you have to wade through as little paperwork as possible.

The permits you'll need when installing a dock or bulkhead vary by project, and are ultimately dependent on design and location. All of the necessary information is out there, and it's worth examining during the preliminary planning stages to ensure that your vision does not develop incongruent to local, state, or federal regulations. By knowing from the get-go the size and scope of the project, the different materials you intend to use, and the depth of the water atop which you plan to build, you'll save yourself time when seeking a permit. Here's a few good things to know right off the bat, as per the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control:

  • Your dock cannot be near sensitive natural resources, such as oyster beds or salt marshes, which are an environmental commodity.
  • Dock length is generally limited to no more than 1,000 feet.
  • Your dock must not obstruct access to state waterways.

Rightfully so, the environmental appendages of our government have taken pains to ensure that no new construction projects interfere with our area's natural operation. However, this responsibility has created a lot of extra work for the designer, builder, or homeowner who simply wants to enjoy a newly installed dock or bulkhead. The planning process can be lengthy and the application process can be challenging.

Surveying Consultants has helped numerous citizens in this fine area enjoy their docks and bulkheads, while still being environmentally-friendly, and in line with local regulations. With years of experience, we've pored over the literature, and we've researched all there is to know. When you work with Surveying Consultants to get your dock designed and your bulkhead built, we guarantee a swift and hassle-free process. We can help to ultimately minimize the time it takes to go from the conception of the idea to the tangible product.

For more information about Dock & Bulkhead Permits, or our process in helping to understand and obtain them, please Call or Contact Us today.

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